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Headless Commerce

Flexible e-commerce development from SAAS AG What is Headless Commerce? Headless Commerce is the practice of separating the front end of your e-commerce platform from the back end. It separates the presentation layer which your customers explore and navigate from the functional layer which looks after your e-commerce processes – the shopping basket, the checkout, […]

Can a digital storefront help you reach your customers online?

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century the concept of ‘going digital’ has become less of a choice and more of a necessity for most retailers. However, many businesses that don’t already have an established e-commerce presence often feel they lack choices when it comes to embracing the online world. Going digital […]



This article deals with success factors to sell groceries online. Being in that space for more than a decade, we have identified a number of important aspects. Both in terms of software technology and business processes. Many people consider e-commerce to be synonymous with an online shop. But to be truly successful in selling groceries online, you need more than that.

Meet us at Groceryshop in Las Vegas

Groceryshop in Las Vegas

Meet us at the Groceryshop show in Las Vegas. SAAS Software as a Service will present the Grocery Commerce Cloud, the solution for retailers to sell online and leverage existing stores for delivery and pick-up programs with highly efficient in-store pick-pack-ship capabilities.