Agility is the success factor of market leading companies

Most successful companies in the online world are more agile than others. Because they are able to set new directions and react quickly and easily to the latest market trends. And they manage to make commerce agile.

But why are many of them not using market leading standard software?

For the longest time in the (still young) history of the Internet and IT in general, decision makers had to choose between build vs buy if they wanted to develop new online software solutions. And because monolithic standard software was too static and inflexible, many of the successful online companies did not use standard software. As they were then in a Build vs Buy dilemma, they developed their own solutions to be more agile than the competition.

We solve the Build vs Buy dilemma for commerce software

With the introduction of cloud-native software based on microservices with defined and documented APIs, this has changed fundamentally. And we as emporix solve the Build vs Buy dilemma. Instead of build vs buy you can now choose build AND buy.

SAAS Commerce made agile

We combine the best of both worlds: Build AND Buy

Our emporix commerce cloud is a headless commerce solution based on microservices APIs that run in the cloud. Thus, you no longer have to worry about typical standard functions of e-commerce solutions. We run microservices for shopping cart, checkout, customers and so on. Just consume our APIs.

We offer cloud-native agile headless commerce microservices and APIs

  • Cloud-native architecture with microservices APIs make online-solutions future-proof, extensible and agile to market
  • Microservices allow for agile development with short development-, test- and release-cycles and continuous deployment
  • headless commerce APIs serve any touchpoint from system integrators, creative user experience agencies or your in-house IT
  • Our Back-Office comes with an integrated Order Management System (OMS) and a highly efficient in-store Wave-Picking algorithm
  • The integrated Product Information Management (PIM) manages complex products and services like ‘sell by weight’ and controls the pick-pack-ship processes
  • The integrated Content Management System (CMS) manages market content and allows to link products easily to marketing content
  • emporix startet in the super complex B2C grocery business and is well-prepared for other e-commerce scenarios

emporix makes enterprise commerce agile

Leave the standard features to us. You no longer need to worry about performance, security or scalability. Concentrate your energy, creativity and business ideas on your brand, your customer experience, and your individual touch-points. Get your business owners and internal IT back into the driver seat or work with world-class systems integrators or creative web agencies. Leave the technical details to us and focus on your customers again!

emporix – enterprise commerce made agile.