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What is Headless Commerce?

Headless Commerce is the practice of separating the front end of your e-commerce platform from the back end.

It separates the presentation layer which your customers explore and navigate from the functional layer which looks after your e-commerce processes – the shopping basket, the checkout, payment processing and other operational aspects of order fulfilment.

Headless Commerce separates content from function, design from commerce. It is the opposite of a traditional ecommerce solution, with the website front end and back end sitting together as a monolithic system.

How can it help your business?

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SAAS AG’s Headless Commerce technology introduces a range of business benefits.


Monolith v headless e-commerce

By decoupling the front end and the back end of your retail website, you can make changes and enhancements to either side without affecting the other. This enables a far more flexible approach to design and development; you can work with entirely different teams at entirely different times. Want to work with a revolutionary new design agency, but know they have limited experience when it comes to PCI compliance or inventory management? Or a UX expert who isn’t so strong on design and aesthetics? Headless Commerce enables you to pick and choose precisely the right expertise for specialist elements of your website.


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Want to quickly launch a new e-commerce site from an existing content management solution (CMS)? Or quickly merge an existing content site with a functional e-commerce site? Headless Commerce enables you to complete these otherwise complicated processes simply and at speed. Once your e-commerce site is up and running, because Headless Commerce allows you to make changes to either the front end or the back end without disturbing the other, enhancements and updates can be made much more rapidly. From loading new content to testing out a new checkout process, optimisation your e-commerce website becomes much more agile.

Customisation and personalisation


Headless Commerce enables you to create multiple front end experiences, all plugged into a single back end, allowing you to seamlessly offer different websites to different regions, customer groups and sectors. It also enables you to customise and integrate other systems, whether at the front or the back end, far more easily than with a single monolithic system. Want to focus on developing innovative new approaches to content and design, such as embedded video or augmented reality? Or do you want to focus on developing sophisticated new customer personalisation processes at the back end? Or both? Headless Commerce allows you to develop experience and content-driven websites, precisely tailored to the needs of your business and your customers.

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