The Kosher supermarket GoKo and its online delivery service

GoKo stands for ‚Go Kosher‘ and is a local Kosher supermarket with 2 branches in the east of London. They pride themselves of stocking the largest selection of Kosher food and household goods in their area, and they are constantly listening to customer feedback to ensure they have everything for their customers’ household needs. Furthermore GoKo Kosher supermarket has also partnered up with some great and fresh local suppliers, ensuring customers get quality shopping under one roof. 

GoKo Kosher supermarket is offering their local delivery service for several years now, and up until the go-live of their new website and online shop they were taking orders manually, mainly by phone. 

GoKo Supermarket

In order to expand their business and to improve service levels, GoKo started their online shop in the Summer of 2018. Since then, customers can order 24/7 online with their preferred device. And they can select out of more than 3,000 Kosher products in the GoKo online catalogue. Orders are delivered at the customers’ desired timeslots. And GoKo is very fast with their delivery service. Orders coming in before midnight will be delivered on the next-day afternoon or evening. There is even a nationwide delivery service throughout the UK mainland within less than 24 hours after dispatch of an online order.

Project and go-live of GoKo’s Kosher supermarket online delivery service

When GoKo learned about the Grocery Commerce Cloud over a web search, they had more or less decided already on another software supplier until they had a closer look at the solution of SAAS Software as a Service AG. Both its Online Shop and Back-Office persuaded GoKo to start the project for their Kosher supermarket delivery service with the solution from SAAS. And GoKo realized that they wouldn’t need only a software but also training and consulting to streamline their picking and packing processes. And the Grocer Success Program of SAAS proved to be the right answer to GoKo’s questions.

Only after a bit more than three months, GoKo’s brand new online shop was ready to go online – and only after another two months it did! And the new website did not only cover the e-commerce needs but was also a perfect stage to present the two existing local Kosher supermarkets. Thanks to the integrated content management system SAAS CMS light, GoKo can manage their marketing content now fully themselves.

Main reasons for choosing Grocery Commerce Cloud

  • Easy-to-use online shop with responsive design that runs practically on any device
  • Complete Back-Office solution for in-store picking
  • Integration of local suppliers with automatic ordering
  • Super efficient Wave picking algorithm and packing dashboard
  • Compliance with strict EU laws for data privacy and food information
  • Very little initial investment
  • Dedicated support with the SAAS Grocer Success Program

Picking and Packing processes at GoKo’s Kosher supermarket delivery service

GoKo is doing all the picking and packing for their online delivery service in one of their two existing Kosher supermarkets. Picking of Kosher food and household items is happening in the so-called ‚wave picking’ method. That means that all items of all customers of a delivery cycle are picked altogether. This reduces ways significantly and allows a picking performance of up to 800 items per hour per picker. Fresh Kosher food from external suppliers like e.g. butcher’s or bakery is ordered automatically by the Grocery Commerce Cloud Back-Office overnight and delivered just-in-time to GoKo. Customer specific packing is taking place in a dedicated packing area in one of the two Kosher supermarkets of GoKo. The system tells the packer in which bag or box and in which order the goods have to go.

Delivery services of GoKo’s online Kosher supermarket

Delivery in the London area is done with their own vans. To optimize routes and to minimize distances, GoKo plan to use a route planning system that is interfaced to the Grocery Commerce Cloud. In the Back-Office, GoKo Kosher supermarket can define how postal codes are ordered on which days, and in which timeframes. SAAS considered the specifics of the UK’s postal code logic to be able tu fulfill nationwide delivery which ist  executed by external carriers. Thanks to the Grocery Commerce Cloud working together with the carrier this is also automated and efficient. 

Integration of POS and payment to GoKo’s Kosher supermarket delivery service

In order to avoid double-maintenance of product data, GoKo decided for an integration of their POS system of their local Kosher supermarkets. Thanks to this real-time integration, all prices and availability information is always up-to-date in the online shop without any extra effort.

Customers of GoKo’s Kosher supermarket delivery service pay online by credit card. Therefore, SAAS integrated Barclays online payment services, which is one of the leading payment providers in the UK. As fresh food contains often weight articles, the bill of the delivery service may differ from the ordering price. SAAS found a solution to keep this process smooth and efficient.

GoKo Supermarket

Management of GoKo supermarket

‘We are running our Kosher supermarket with delivery service and phone ordering for several years now. With our new online shop, we can significantly expand our catchment area in the region of London and beyond. On top of this, we gained massively both on efficiency for our delivery service and comfort for our online customers. SAAS was not only providing their system within very short time, they also consulted us in setting up all of the relevant processes. We are really impressed about the business process consulting and know-how we got during the setup of the solution.’

Key Facts of GoKo’s Kosher supermarket online delivery service

  • Online delivery service in addition to the existing 2 Kosher supermarkets
  • Next-day-delivery in the London area: Order until midnight, delivery on the next day
  • Nationwide delivery within 24 hours after dispatch
  • Less than 3 months until provision of the software
  • Less than 6 months until Go-Live with the SAAS Grocer Success Program
  • 3.000 Kosher food products and household goods
  • Picking and packing of packaged goods in-store in existing supermarket
  • Just-in-time integration of local suppliers like butcher, fish dealer and bakery
  • Both online shop and marketing information on local Kosher supermarkets on one website 
  • Integration of Barclays credit card online payment services
  • Integration of existing POS system for real-time stock levels and product prices

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