SAAS Food Commerce Cloud

Wherever you live, selling groceries online will becoming a big topic within in the next years. For you as a stationary grocery store we have with SAAS Food Commerce Cloud the complete software solution. Find more on our Software as a Service here.

As the software as a service works worldwide, we thought it’s time to give you a better idea of how it works and how it looks like. That’s why we launched a demo store in English language with US currency and US measures. We call it “Grocer’s Cloud”.


Logo Grocer's Cloud


The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud with online-shop and resource planning is tailored to the needs of web grocers. It covers practically all aspects of e-commerce, online marketing and logistics. With the SAAS Food Commerce Cloud, the grocer can fully concentrate on its customers and his business – the software ,thinks’ and directs the processes in e-commerce and logistics.

For localization you have not only to translate content, you also have to adjust currency and measures. For selling groceries online the delivery regions and timeslots are very important. With SAAS Food Commerce Cloud you can set them based on ZIP or postal codes in a very convenient way.

Grocer’s Cloud now online

Finally you can have a first look at our English demo store and experience our software by clicking through it. You can see how SAAS Food Commerce Cloud handles products sold by weight or packaging options and how the shop looks like on different devices.

You can find Grocer’s Cloud here:




For further information and insights to the back-office, please contact us.

Our e-commerce software to sell fresh food online works worldwide and can easily be adjusted to country-specific needs.