Excerpt of a SAP news:

Closing the Gap with the Right Technology

SAAS AG realized they could help traditional grocers to easily meet this customer need by connecting their existing business to the right shopping platform. The question, however, was how to present and market products in a compelling way, so that they could drive business in this channel.

To create the experience they wanted, SAAS AG used a combination of services they subscribed to on the SAP Hybris as a Service marketplace. They developed the SAAS Food Commerce Suite, which runs on Hybris-as-a-Service (YaaS) and uses Commerce-as-a-Service, an API-first approach to build commerce apps across channels and devices. They enhanced the system’s automatic order splitting, pick list generation, and content management by using mix-ins and creating mash-ups of a number of different services. “We were able to use the existing storefront template and adapt it and use the single page application concept. So, we’re only maintaining one piece of code for all the tenants,” says Eberhardt Weber, CEO of SAAS AG and founder of Lieferladen.de.


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