SAAS makes the grocery business successful in e-commerce

SAAS Software as a Service AG enables retailers to sell online and leverage their stores for delivery and pick-up programs with highly efficient in-store pick-pack-ship capabilities. This enables retailers to meet and exceed the needs of their customers for omnichannel shopping and delivery. SAAS delivers this through the Grocery Commerce Cloud, a cloud-native Headless Commerce microservices API platform that enables grocers to transform their supermarket business and to thrive in the highly competitive grocery marketplace. Grocers future proof their business with an agile, headless, cloud-native commerce software to drive innovation and cost efficiency, while leveraging existing technology and physical store locations.


Grocery Commerce Cloud is a cloud-native headless microservices commerce software tailored to the specific needs of grocers’ online and omnichannel businesses. Unlike other leading commerce software platforms, the Grocery Commerce Cloud supports the unique needs specific to grocers. This includes support for weight-based pricing, local delivery, in-store highly efficient wave picking, postal-code related ordering, route-optimized delivery as well as grocery specific payments and customer loyalty processes. Beyond core commerce processes, Grocery Commerce Cloud’s proprietary wave-picking algorithm boosts store associated in-store picking performance, lowering cost and protecting the margins of grocers. And with the Grocery Commerce Cloud they keep control over their brand, their product portfolio and their pricing strategy. Grocery Commerce Cloud is a fully headless microservices software, enabling a wide range of customer touch-points. This includes online, responsive web app, native mobile app, voice or text-based interfaces, and IoT - from one cloud-based multi-tenant solution. Grocery Commerce Cloud provides a pre-configured responsive web app for grocers to launch online and mobile stores quickly. The Grocer Success Program provides clients and partners with both technical and in-store process support to ensure clients gain maximum efficiency with the platform - especially in-store picking, packing and shipping processes. Grocery Commerce Cloud is a subscription-based solution with revenue-based pricing model, with very little up-front investment required. If you are a regional or national or multi-national grocer, contact us today to receive a complete overview of the solution.


Watch a YouTube video and see how our customer Lieferladen.de sells fresh groceries from local producers in an efficient way thanks to the pick-pack-ship capabilities of Grocery Commerce Cloud.


Grocery Commerce Cloud brings back control and gives you the choice. Get started quickly and with very little investment with our pre-configured, responsive web app. Or enjoy full freedom and build a customized user experience with our Headless Commerce APIs. With our more than 10 years of experience in the online grocery business, you can rely on a strong partner.

Headless Commerce

State-of-the-art IT architecture with Cloud microservices API’s. Create a unique customer experience!

Cloud IT

Secure, scalable, performant. Forget about IT infrastructure, get back into the driver seat and focus on customers and features!

Fast Go-Live

Use our pre-configured online shop or build your own user interfaces with our SAAS Headless Commerce API’s.

Made for Groceries

Easy and fast grocery-shopping with special functions for ordering by weight, deposit handling or service counters.

Wave Picking

Supports the whole process for in-store picking, packing and shipping. Boost your picking performance and margin!

Logistics Optimization

Control delivery based on ZIP codes. Let customers choose delivery times and price delivery fees according to time windows.

Responsive Design

Pre-configured online shop web app runs on computers, tablets and smartphones. No additional native app needed!

Integrated Payment

Margins in food trade are low. Use efficient payment methods already integrated – suitable especially for groceries.

Marketing Toolbox

SEO, dynamic management of products and marketing web content, newsletter list, loyalty points, voucher generator.

Keep Control

Don’t give your core competences away. Run your online business yourself and keep control over your brand, products & pricing.


Combine your brand with our software and our know-how in the online grocery business – we grow with your success!

Customer Success

We are there to make you successful and consult you throughout the partnership with our Customer Success Program!


SAAS software is true cloud-native multi-tenancy headless microservices commerce. This allows agile development and continuous deployment. The Grocery Commerce Cloud is based on the most up-to-date technologies. Business logic is part of JAVA based microservices. As a storefront there is either a pre-configured single page web app based on Angular. This keeps cost at a minimum and guarantees rocket fast go-to-market as grocery specific features are already built in. Or retailers can operate the Grocery Commerce Cloud microservices as Headless Commerce API’s. This allows the development of basically any kind of user interface. Even more individual web apps, native mobile apps, voice commerce solutions or anything else the IT future might bring. The microservices concept in the Cloud releases IT from infrastructure concerns and brings agility back to sales and marketing. Issues around performance, scaling or peaks become history. It doesn’t matter if you run a single grocery store or a big food supermarket chain - the Grocery Commerce Cloud architecture is ready to handle it. Forget about system operations issues and focus on your business and your customers! The Grocery Commerce Cloud is based on many years of online experience and tailored to the needs of the grocery business. Both Online-Shop and Back-Office are rich of industry-specific features.


  • Responsive single-page web app that runs on practically any device like smartphone, tablet or desktop PC
  • Grocery specific features that support weight-based pricing, local delivery, postal-code related ordering and customer loyalty processes
  • Ordering and billing by piece, weight or a mix of both
  • Product-specific packaging and cutting options
  • Automatic calculation of base price
  • Fault-tolerant product search with auto-suggest and after-search-filtering
  • Payment integration with online credit and address check for fraud protection with a smart exception handling
  • Delivery at desired time-slot and dynamic calculation of delivery fee depending on size of delivery time window
  • Based on Angular, can be provided as accelerator for own development


  • Management console for all administrative processes in local e-commerce
  • Order management system (OMS) for order fulfilment and pick-pack-ship with disruptive SAAS Wave picking algorithm
  • Order cycle management with automatic order splitting at definable cut-off times
  • Product information management (PIM) optimized for grocery
  • Integrated content management system (CMS) for marketing web content like homepage, recipes or news with direct product integration
  • Customer management including customer specific delivery tolerances and unloading times
  • Management of delivery times and areas by ZIP / postal code
  • Integration of retailer’s ERP / POS system for prices and availabilities
  • Reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) for groceries

Commerce APIs

  • Set of Headless Commerce Microservices with documented APIs that can be consumed by any type of touchpoint
  • Secure and performant operations in any Cloud Foundry environment
  • Clean Microservice API architecture in a fail-safe, cloud-based ecosystem based on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)
  • Persistence directly included in all microservices with extension concept for additional attributes
  • Core commerce microservices like Cart, Checkout and Shipping with grocery specific capabilities
  • Product microservice API with grocery specific data model and handling of images, bundles, brands, labels and categories
  • Pricing microservice API with sophisticated pricing model for prices, sales prices and base prices in different measurement units for pricing, ordering, base price indication and billing
  • Order splitting microservice with preparation of pick-pack-ship process and endpoint for SAAS Picking Scanner
  • Cloud-native development process with agile development and continuous deployment


Our Grocery Commerce Cloud e-commerce software has been developed in cooperation with grocery stores. The result is a cloud-based solution that is tailored to the needs of the online grocery business. Both online pure players like Lieferladen.de and stationary supermarket chains like NATURGUT benefit from our feature-rich and easy-to-use software. No matter if you are running a single grocery store, a food supermarket chain or if you are responsible for the IT department of a food retailer - have a look at our software and our references. You will be excited!


    MPREIS is a Tyrolean family business with more than 280 grocery stores located at Völs near Innsbruck in Austria. The SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud with API’s and Back-Office serves as a headless commerce platform for the digital storefront, delivery service and Click & Collect pickup with Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS) and In-Store Pick-Pack-Ship of Orders (OMS).



    GoKo stands for ‚Go Kosher‘ and is a local Kosher supermarket with 2 branches in the east of London, UK. GoKo is live since June 2018 and combines both in-store picking and just-in-time sourcing from local food suppliers. GoKo uses the SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud to deliver both locally with own vans and nationwide by parcel post and has an online-integration to their POS system for up-to-date product availability.



    Lieferladen.de Stuttgart is the local Online-Supermarket for fresh groceries in the region of Stuttgart, Germany. Online since 2010 and the flagship store of the Lieferladen.de partner system. Lieferladen.de uses the complete feature set of the SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud with Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management (OMS) and Content Management (CMS) as well as the pre-configured grocery storefront.



    Naturgut is a regional organic supermarket with 10 branches in Stuttgart, Germany and the region. Online since 2016, Naturgut relies on the technical know-how and expertise of SAAS AG in the online food business. Naturgut uses the SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud as online sales channel in addition to their local stores for high-quality organic groceries.



    LOKALGROSSIST.NO is the local grocery delivery service for fresh high-quality food in the region of Rogaland in Norway. The motto is ‘LOKALGROSSIST.NO makes it easy to choose locally’. Online since 2019 with the SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud and serving both B2C and B2B customers. LOKALGROSSIST.NO offers both delivery and pickup (Click & Collect) at designated pickup stations.



    Grocer’s Cloud is our international reference store for United States in English language with US measurement units and US dollar as currency. With Grocer’s Cloud we demonstrate the universal use of our SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud in the online grocery business.



    Lieferladen.de Ulm is the local online supermarket for fresh local food in the region of Ulm, Germany. Online since 2014 as a Lieferladen.de partner shop with own suppliers and own assortment. With Lieferladen.de Ulm we demonstrate the multi-tenancy capabilities of our SAAS Grocery Commerce Cloud in a perfect manner.



As SAAS Software as a Service AG we are proud to offer our cloud-based solution for the food retailing business in a real Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) manner. What that means? You pay based on your actual usage. And as it is extremely difficult to predict (and most often even unfair?) how to generate bills based on parameters like API calls, number of cart transactions, orders and so on, we simply don’t do this. Instead we have a very simple pricing model. We charge based on the online turnover generated with our software solution Grocery Commerce Cloud. That means you start with a small bill and practically no investment risk. Then you grow your business with a smaller commission percentage on the bill. Finally there are almost no limits to further growth and you run your business at a very competitive commission rate. Fair enough? Contact us, we are happy to further explain and to START, GROW and RUN also your food retailing business!

Recommended for
up to 1 million
online turnover per site

up to 5000 products

5 Back-Office accounts per site

Recommended for
1 to 5 million
online turnover per site

up to 10000 products

20 Back-Office accounts per site

Recommended from
5 million
online turnover per site

unlimited products

50 Back-Office accounts per site

The running costs consist of a monthly fee and a sales-related commission. The initial one-time setup costs of deploying the Grocery Commerce Cloud depend on the degree of customization and integration of third-party systems.

Please contact us for your individual offer!



Our e-commerce software Grocery Commerce Cloud is based on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and runs in the Swisscom Application Cloud. Our modern microservice architecture with cloud-native Headless Commerce API's stands for performance, scalability and reliability.


Interested? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to give you more details on our software solution to sell groceries online.