e-commerce software for grocery stores

SAAS Software as a Service AG develops e-commerce software for grocery stores. With the SAAS Food Commerce Cloud, stationary supermarkets open up the internet as an additional sales channel in their region. The proven solution is pre-configured for grocers who use the software in a rental model. Grocers benefit from quick go-live and almost no investment cost thanks to revenue based pricing.


SAAS Food Commerce Cloud is a complete solution for stationary grocery stores to sell food online in their region. The software as a service with online-shop and resource planning is tailored to the needs of web grocers. It covers practically all aspects of e-commerce, online marketing and logistics. With the SAAS Food Commerce Cloud, the grocer can fully concentrate on its customers and his business - the software ,thinks' and directs the processes in e-commerce and logistics.

Responsive Design

The online shop adapts to your customers’ devices and runs on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. No additional app needed!

Revenue-based billing

Save huge initial investments. The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud is revenue-based – we grow with your success!

Made for groceries

Easy and fast grocery-shopping with special functions for ordering by weight, deposit handling, service counter options and base price calculation.

Local fresh food logistics

Control delivery addresses by defining your ZIP codes, let customers choose desired delivery times and price delivery fees according to time windows.

Fast Go-Live

Perfectly pre-configured rental system that allows a go-live in a short time.
Customize design, import products,

Integrated payment processes

Margins in food trade are low.
The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud has efficient payment methods already integrated – suitable especially for groceries.

Training and support

The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud is based on real market experience. Several online grocers trust in the expertise of SAAS. We are there to make you successful in the online business.

Extends the supermarket

Picking lists, packing lists and the whole process of picking, packing and delivering is optimized for the stationary supermarket. Use existing resources and increase your sales!

Online marketing ready

Search engine optimization, dynamic management of products and marketing web content, newsletter lists, reward points, vouchers generator.



  • Microservice architecture in a fail-safe, cloud-based ecosystem powered by SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS)
  • Responsive single-page web app
  • Ordering and billing by piece, weight or a mix of both
  • Product-specific packaging and cutting options and other extra services
  • Automatic calculation of base price
  • Fault-tolerant product search with auto-suggest and after-search-filtering
  • Online credit and address check with a smart exception handling
  • Product-specific quick shopping, multi-level cross-selling, smart shopping list and weekly standing order
  • Delivery at desired time-slot and dynamic calculation of delivery fee


  • Product information management (PIM) optimized for grocery retail
  • Integrated content management system (CMS) for marketing web content
  • Management of delivery times and areas by ZIP code
  • Picking and packing dashboard with an integrated document engine for delivery notes, invoices and deposit return lists
  • Automatic order splitting and generation of picking and packing lists at a definable cut-off time
  • Import interface to supermarket ERP for updated prices, availabilities and origins
  • Export interface to route planning system including customer specific unloading times
  • Reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) for groceries

Case Studies


    Naturgut is a regional organic supermarket with 10 branches in Stuttgart and the region. Online since 2016, Naturgut relies on the technical know-how and expertise of SAAS AG in the online food business.

  • CUSTOMERS Stuttgart is the local online supermarket for fresh food in the region of Stuttgart, Germany. Online since 2010 and the flagship of the partner system.

  • Grocer’s Cloud

    Grocer’s Cloud is our demo store in English language with US currency and US measures. The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud handles all localization issues in a very convenient way.

  • CUSTOMERS Ulm is the local online supermarket for fresh food in the Ulm region. Online since 2014 as a partner with own suppliers and own assortment.


The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud is available in three differente pricing options:

Recommended for up to 1 million EUR online turnover

300 EUR monthly fee

3% commission

set-up fee starting at 5000 EUR

up to 5000 products

5 back-office accounts

Recommended for 1 to 5 million EUR online turnover

1500 EUR monthly fee

1.5% commission

up to 10000 products

20 back-office accounts

Recommended starting from 5 million EUR online turnover

3500 EUR monthly fee

1% commission

up to 50000 products

50 back-office accounts



SAAS Food Commerce Cloud is based on SAP Hybris YaaS, a cloud-based solution with a modern microservice ecosystem.


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