About the organic supermarket Naturgut

With 10 branches Naturgut is the market-leading organic supermarket in the region of Stuttgart, Germany.

The first branch was founded more than 20 years ago. Since then further branches were opened to provide the people of Stuttgart with organic food.

In order to serve customers outside the direct catchment area, Naturgut startet a delivery service with online shop in 2016. Customers can order 24/7 online – on their preferred device (mobile, tablet or desktop). Orders are delivered at their desired timeslot. When ordering until 9am, customers can even select the same day for delivery in the checkout process (same-day-delivery).


Website Naturgut

Particularities of the delivery service for Naturgut

First, Naturgut wanted to have a new website for the 10 stationary branches in the area of Stuttgart, Germany. The outcome was a new website as well as an additional branch in the form of a delivery service. This ‚online branch‘ cooperates with the existing branches in the logistics processes.

Naturgut decided for the SAAS Food Commerce Cloud as technology because it was possible to realize the picking from the stationary organic supermarket without investment costs.

All items the customer chooses when ordering online are picked in two of the ten branches. The SAAS Food Commerce Cloud tells the employees automatically which products have to be picked in which branch considering aspects of availability, service counters and utilization.

After picking from the stationary supermarkets the orders get packed and delivered at the desired timeslot.

Since the organic food is already available in the stationary supermarket, Naturgut was able to offer same-day-delivery from beginning on. The employees in the branch pick in the morning when it is usually not that busy in the market. At the service counter orders get only picked when there are no supermarket customers waiting in line.

The product data for the organic food in the online shop come out of the ecoinform database, an external system for organic products. Current sales prices are updated from the cash system of the branch.

Naturgut is one of first grocery stores which uses existing branches to serve their new online customers. The connection between online shop and offline branch made a quick go-live possible as existing resources are used and no big investments had to be made.

However, the online shop does not compete with the stationary branches: customers can buy organic food online and also find information about the branches.

Naturgut CEO Niko Tsiris

Niko Tsiris, CEO Naturgut

With our new online delivery service, we were able to expand our catchment area in the region of Stuttgart and offer our existing customers an additional service. We know we did the right thing because in the future it will be normal to buy fresh food online.

Key Facts Naturgut delivery service

  • Online delivery service in addition to the 10 branches
  • Same-day-delivery: Order until 9am, delivery on the same day
  • Duration of the project: 5 months until go-live
  • Import of 5.000 products from external databases
  • Expansion of the catchment area
  • Picking in existing branches
  • Online shop and information about branches on one website
  • Convenient product information management and administration of marketing content in one back office system
  • Setup fee: 5.000 EUR